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multilingual SEO

Why multilingual SEO matters

Localizing your website into new languages opens up new possibilities for growth – as long as your translated website is also optimized for multilingual SEO.

Multilingual SEO can be defined as providing indexable and optimized website content in multiple languages, but there’s more to it than just translating your keywords…

multilingual SEO
Show up on all search results with multilingual SEO

How does Weglot help?
A website translation solution that handles your multilingual SEO

How you translate your website matters

Server-side translation

Weglot translates your pages directly on the server-side – that means they’re translated before the pages are sent to your visitor’s web browser. Translation on the server-side = one of Google’s best practices. That’s because the translations are directly in the source code of your website, making it easy for Google bots to detect and index it.

Full website translation

Weglot detects not just the content on your page but everything from your menu, widgets, footer, theme elements and even dynamic content so 100% of your site is in your new language(s). Half translated pages can be confusing for search engines bots (not to mention human visitors).

Make it easy for Google to index your translated content

Dedicated URLs for each language

Weglot automatically creates language subdirectories or subdomains for each of your new languages. This is mandatory if you want to get your translated pages well indexed by Google.

Automatically added hreflang tags

Hreflang tags are used to tell Search Engine bots about pages that are similar in content, but targeting different languages. They help search engines serve the best results to users. But, they’re not exactly easy to implement (unless you’re a developer)…fear not, Weglot adds these for you!

Metadata translation

It’s not just the text you can visibly see on your website that Weglot translates. Those important “invisible” words like your metadata or image alt tags are also detected and translated. You can then choose to edit those translations to target more specific keywords in your new markets if you want to.

Enhance your multilingual SEO strategy


Multilingual SEO is the same as regular SEO in that it’s important to research and understand the best search terms and keywords to use in each language. With Weglot you can invite your SEO experts, content team and translators directly to your website translation project to edit translations and collaborate on your multilingual SEO strategy.

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